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What to Do with Your Pet’s Remains

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC is Helping You Remember Your Pet

For quality help with what to do with your pet’s remains, trust Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC. We are ready to serve grieving pet owners in Mount Pleasant, PA. The pain of knowing your furry friend has died can be difficult to deal with. A question you must ask yourself is how you want to memorialize your companion? Here are some great ideas for memorializing your pet from The Living Urn.


Spread Your Pet’s Ashes Over a Favorite Location

Think of the adventures you enjoyed with your pet. You may have had a favorite place you went hiking with your dog, or a park you played together. You can purchase urns for this purpose. Urn makers construct urns with cardboard and paper materials.


Place the Ashes in a Special Location Within Your Home

You can always keep the ashes close to you. There are a variety of urns on the market that let you show your pet’s personality. This trend is growing more popular as more owners are opting for cremation over a traditional burial. Your pet can always be close to your heart, and in your home.


Keep Your Pet’s Memory Close as Part of Your Jewelry Collection

If you wear any jewelry, you can take your pet’s memory with you wherever you go. Many pet owners who went this route made a variety of precious treasures with them. Most common are necklaces, bracelets, diamonds, and other gemstones. Wear them as part of your everyday outfit.


Make Them Part of a Decorative Glass Piece

Several companies today offer you the chance to make pet ashes part of decorative glass. You can make those glasses with a variety of colors and designs. This can be a great centerpiece for the dinner table, or an important spot in your home.


Do you need help deciding what to do with your pet’s remains? Call Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, at (724) 547-2468. Our sympathetic staff is ready to help you memorialize your pet. Follow us on Facebook. We offer quality help for when you need suggestions on what to do with your pet’s remains.