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Cremation Services and Memorials
in Mount Pleasant, PA

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, Performs Pet Cremation
Keepsakes to Honor Passed Pets in Mount Pleasant, PA
Human Cremation Services in Mount Pleasant, PA

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, Offers Pet Cremation

Founded in 2008, Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, provides affordable, reliable pet cremation to pet owners in Mount Pleasant, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our staff understands the hardships of losing a pet. That is why we work diligently to have a fast and affordable process to get your furry friend back to you in about 3-5 days, excluding weekends. Eternal Life Cremation Services also provides pre-arrangements for older pets, and pet transportation to our facility. If you need compassionate pet cremation services in Westmoreland County, call Eternal Life Cremation Services at (724) 547-2468, or contact us online.

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, does not provide any type of euthanasia. That is a service that requires a specific license.

Human Cremation Services in Mount Pleasant, PA

Eternal Life Cremation Services purchased a human cremation unit in 2010. By state law, human cremation services must first go through a funeral home. We work as an off-site cremation provider for funeral homes that do not have the proper equipment. Talk with your funeral home director to set up human cremation services at our facility in Mount Pleasant, PA.

Keepsakes and Memorials at Eternal Life Cremation Services

Keeping the memory of a loved one or pet alive is one way many deal with loss. Eternal Life Cremation Services offers various keepsakes, including pet urns, cremation jewelry, and stone markers. We also provide engraving for keepsakes, but customers may get them blank to have them engraved elsewhere. Small memorial services are available for pets.

Emergency Transportation and Pet Cremation in the Surrounding Areas

In many cases, there is no way to plan for the passing of a beloved pet. If your pet has passed at home in Greensburg, PA, and you are unsure of what to do, please call Eternal Life Cremation Services at (724) 547-2648 for emergency service. Our menu will prompt you on how to quickly get in touch with our staff. Eternal Life Cremation Services proudly serves Mount Pleasant, PA; Greensburg, PA; Uniontown, PA; and the surrounding areas.