For the Other Loved Ones in Your Family...

Cremation and Keepsakes
in Connellsville, PA

Pet Cremation by Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, offers pet cremation services to pet owners in Connellsville, PA, and the surrounding areas. We accept all pets up to 250 pounds. From birds, to dogs, to hamsters, losing any pet takes a large toll on families. Eternal Life Cremation Services offers private and communal cremations, with no remains returned after a communal service. We will cremate pets with pictures, toys, blankets, and anything that does not contain batteries. When the time comes for your pet, call Eternal Life Cremation Services at (724) 547-2468 to make arrangements. We work to return pets to their owners in about 3-5 days, excluding weekends.

Pre-Arranged Pick-Up and Emergency Pet Transportation for Connellsville

Whether you are boarding an older pet, or something tragic occurred late at night, you can trust Eternal Life Cremation Services for emergency pet transportation. We offer pre-arrangements to give owners peace of mind while boarding an older pet, and emergency service to pick up pets after-hours in Connellsville, PA, and the surrounding areas. Call us right away and listen to the menu options for emergency service.

Eternal Life Cremation Services Offers Human Cremation

Eternal Life Cremation Services works as an off-site human cremation service for funeral homes in Connellsville, PA. By state law, all human cremation arrangements must be made through the funeral home.

Pet Memorial Services for Pet Owners in Connellsville, PA

Losing a pet is a great loss that people go through. At Eternal Life Cremation Services, we offer pet memorial services for grieving families going through the cremation process in Connellsville, PA. Our pet-loving staff understands the pain you are feeling, and we want to make the transition as smooth as we can. Owners may also choose keepsakes and memorials for their pet’s remains, including pet urns, cremation jewelry, stone markers, and more. Contact Eternal Life Cremation Services for information to make arrangements.