For the Other Loved Ones in Your Family...

Pet Cremation Services
in Mount Pleasant, PA

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, Performs Pet Cremation

The loss of a pet takes a large toll on families. Pets are truly part of the family, and finding compassionate, affordable care for their passing can be difficult. When you choose Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, in Mount Pleasant, PA, we work with families to keep them comfortable during the process. To make the process easier, we return your pet’s remains to you in about 3-5 days of cremation, instead of taking weeks or months. That way, your pet will be back home where they belong. If the owner chooses, we can cremate pets with their favorite toy, blanket, or other item that does not include batteries. Call Eternal Life Cremation Services at (724) 547-2468 today. If you need emergency service, please call and listen to the menu options. We accept all pets up to 250 pounds.

Eternal Life Cremation Services cremates K-9 officers, military police dogs, drug, bomb, guide dogs, and other service animals for no cost. Talk with our staff for more information.

Pre-Planned Arrangements for Pets in Mount Pleasant, PA

As pets age, it is best to prepare for their passing in case you are not there with them. If you plan on boarding your pet, or have already planned to have your pet put to sleep, call Eternal Life Cremation Services to arrange pick-up for your pet. This way, there is no need to add extra stress to what will happen to your pet, and where they will be taken if you are not there.

Private or Communal Cremation Services for Pets

When cremating a pet, owners have the option for private or communal cremation. Those who choose communal cremations will not have ashes returned. If you would like to be present during the cremation, please make prior arrangements with our staff. Eternal Life Cremation Services also offers small memorial services to honor pets. Choose from decorative pet urns, jewelry, stone markers, and more as an interment you can live with. Contact us today for more information on how to schedule our services.

Eternal Life Cremation Services, LLC, does not provide any type of euthanasia. That is a service that requires a specific license.

Eternal Life Cremation Services Offers Transportation for Pets

If your pet passes at home, at the vet, or at a kennel, Eternal Life Cremation Services offers transportation for the pet to our facility. No matter the time or day, call on Eternal Life Cremation Services to transport your pet for cremation. We proudly serve Mount Pleasant, PA; Uniontown, PA; Greensburg, PA; and the surrounding areas.